Our name is Hardscrabble Mechanical, Inc. We are a master and state licensed company that is fully insured. We provide multiple, related trades under one roof. These trades include Plumbing, Landscaping, Irrigation, and Residential Fire Suppression.

We are a conglomerate of separate entities – all under the umbrella of Hardscrabble Mechanical, Inc. – each running and operating it’s respective division.
We are “Kings” of our trades, trumping “Jack’s of all”, offering you that elusive peace of mind no matter what service you require.

At Hardscrabble Mechanical, Inc. you will be greeted by our professional, polite, and punctual staff, each with a long and decorated history of excellence in their respective trades.
From the tiniest of repairs to largest commercial installation, our professional techs and installers will perform with a sense of urgency and an aura of professionalism.

A Hardscrabble Tale…

Long, long ago in a far away land,
From Hardscrabble beginnings in Central Missouri, a seed was planted. Germinating through the rocky clay, a scrappy plumbing company began to develop. Fertilized by hard work and watered with determination, the company developed into the Oaken standard of excellence known throughout the land.
Time passed, and the cool winds of change began to blow. With merely the pursuit of happiness and a long-time geographical goal in mind, a Colorado Master Plumber uprooted from Missouri and forged a path westward.

Along this westward path, the Master Plumber joined forces with an enterprising Landscaping/Horticulture professional. Wind to seed, seed to earth, water and sun to seedling, this new combination grew to become Hardscrabble Mechanical, Inc.

Today the journey continues, and Hardscrabble Mechanical, Inc. continues to seek new adventures, leaving only joyous and satisfied customers in their wake.

The End

Hardscrabble Mechanical, Inc.

“Masters of our trades… Trumping the jacks of all!”

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